is a global platform that champions equal opportunities for all individuals to enhance their financial well-being and personal growth, irrespective of race, religion, educational background, or gender identity.

Our Mission

Corsair, our parent company, and the guiding force behind our mission, recognizes the transformative power of community involvement.

By inviting partners to become members of our community, we not only offer them a platform but also empower them to champion our collective mission against plastic waste.

This menace, looming large as the next significant environmental challenge following CO2 emissions, demands collaborative action. With the support and strategy of Corsair, we’re taking decisive steps to combat this issue, aiming to carve out a more sustainable and environmentally-conscious future for everyone.

Beyond environmental commitments, Amplivo is deeply invested in nurturing personal growth and development, believing that individual progress leads to collective evolution.

Are You Ready To Enjoy?

The Opportunity

When individuals join Amplivo, they immerse themselves in a global community of partners dedicated to a singular cause: eradicating the planet of plastic waste. These partners are the heart of Amplivo, vital in championing and amplifying its environmental mission.

Amplivo pledges steadfast transparency and adherence to best practices in all its endeavours.

By being a part of Amplivo, partners not only champion the battle against plastic waste but also benefit from the company’s sustainable initiatives.

In recognition of their commitment, partners receive a competitive compensation package.

They’re also equipped with a state-of-the-art digital dashboard that provides the latest news, updates, and a suite of resources designed to facilitate their continued advocacy and success.


In matters of ethics and compliance, we’ve set robust guidelines in our Terms & Conditions to safeguard both Amplivo and our partners.

These clear-cut guidelines underscore what Amplivo anticipates from its community.

Our T&Cs are vital to ensuring a prosperous and harmonious partnership for all partners. Given that our partners operate with a high degree of autonomy, overseeing their diverse activities is no small feat. To this end, our Compliance team is pivotal.

They maintain a vigilant eye, in conjunction with management and regional leaders, ensuring brand alignment across platforms like social media, and during various events, trainings, and gatherings.

About About us

Merging the strength of corporate professionals with the hands-on insights from field experts creates a balanced and synergistic team within Amplivo.

This blend of top-level strategic understanding, combined with practical field knowledge, ensures that we’re equipped to tackle challenges from every angle.

Additionally, when we incorporate individuals possessing specialized expertise, it adds another layer of depth to our operational capabilities.

Together, this comprehensive mix not only streamlines our decision-making processes but also amplifies the innovative potential of the company, making us adept at navigating the complex landscape of today’s business world.


Our management team at Amplivo boasts a harmonious blend of experience and advanced qualifications.

Comprising seasoned professionals, the leadership possesses deep expertise in guiding a company to success.

An especially notable element of our management is the presence of elite business-people with rich corporate backgrounds.

These individuals, having both hands-on field knowledge and academic credentials, equip our team with a unique perspective, setting the stage for innovation and unparalleled growth.

Countries of Operation

We aim to extend our opportunity globally.

However, certain countries are inaccessible due to various factors, including prevailing international sanctions. Should you register and indicate a residence in one of these regions, the system will reject the registration process.