is a Global platform that believes in giving anyone and everyone an equal opportunity to better themselves financially and as a person, irrelevant of Race, Religion, Education or Gender.

Our Mission

By providing an opportunity for Independent Associates (IAs) to become a member of our community, the company can contribute through its investment strategy, with the fight against PLASTIC WASTE, which after CO2 is the biggest environmental threat to our planet, in doing so help in creating a better tomorrow for all. Amplivo will endeavour at all times to deliver products and services of true value in the market place. Our main attention is to offer products and services that will create a saving in an individual’s day for day spending, be it at the local store, restaurant, online shop or a quick trip, vacation etc. Personal development is also an area which we will be actively involved in.

Are You Ready To Enjoy?

The Opportunity

Upon joining Amplivo, the individual becomes a part of an international network of Independent Associates (IAs) who promote the platform, the products and services and its mission. The IAs are the pillars of the company who ultimately support the entire organization in achieving its mission. The company will practice complete transparency within its daily operations and will continuously strive to be compliant in all aspects of the business model/concept. The IAs participate and can even profit indirectly with the fight against Plastic Waste through the companies’ investment activities. The IAs are rewarded for their efforts through an exceptional compensation plan and are provided with a state-of-the-art back office along with actual news, updates, promotional and educational material that will support them on their road to success..


Regarding ethics and compliance, we have established some firm rules and regulations in our Terms & Conditions in order to protect the company as well as its IAs. These rules and policies are strict guidelines of what the company expects from its IAs. Our Terms & Conditions are essential in order to create a healthy business opportunity for the IAs. Due to the fact that the IAs within a network marketing company in comparison to a traditional company are completely independent in their decisions and activities, the control over the activities of such is a strenuous task. Therefore, our compliance department plays a big role in the overall business model. This department closely monitors, in collaboration with the management along with the main country leaders, the actions of the IAs in, for example: social media, business opportunity meetings, trainings and events.

About Us

The combination of corporate along with field experience and individuals with specific expertise will be of great value to the operative aspects of the company.


The management is made up of individuals with extensive experience and expertise in all aspects of operating a successful company. One great advantage is certainly the fact that there are a number of extremely successful Networkers with corporate experience in the management team that have a proven track record in the field.

Countries of Operation

Our goal is to offer this opportunity on a Global scale. However there are a number of countries that we are obliged to block due to a number of reasons including International sanctions that are in effect. Upon registration and entering country of residence the system will reject the registration process of any country that has been blocked accordingly.